Single vs Double Storey Homes… Which Is Better?

Is bigger always better?
One of the longstanding debates that people have always disagreed on is single vs double storey homes. After all, a bigger house means more living space, right? But that is not all that there is to [...]


The Complete House Building Checklist

There are many perks of a build-to-own home. Firstly, you get to choose the exact features that you want it to have. You also get full control of what the budget will look like and how the final product [...]

Buying A Home Vs Building One, Let’s Discuss

Buying A Home Vs Building One, Let’s Discuss

Is it better to buy a pre-existing home or build one?
That is a question that many prospective buyers have always asked themselves. Each of these options comes with its fair share of pros and cons. At XB Projects we [...]